Your Lighted Bag Questions, Answered

From small, independent pharmacies to outpatient pharmacies in integrated delivery networks, the most important success metric is always the same: patient and staff satisfaction.   

We hear things like: 

“Our pharmacy is growing so fast and our technology can’t keep up!” 

“Manual processes are slowing us down and burning out our staff.” 

“We have to have so many vendors and they don’t work together.” 

We heard your feedback and dug in. As a mission-driven organization, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make healthcare commerce safe and simple. We’re thrilled to announce Lighted Bags – our automated will call solution. This integration is the answer to a variety of pain points and is the answer to questions like:   

  • What if you could do an easy patient search right in your Point of Sale? 
  • What if the Point of Sale could simply light up a patient's prescription bag so you could find it right away? 
  • What if the Point of Sale could tell you if there were prescriptions in the fridge, lockup, or bulk area? 
  • What if you didn't have to dig through a million bags to find your Return to Stock prescriptions? 

The Emporos and Suncrest partnership gives pharmacies the ability to leverage an integrated point of sale and light-guided automated will call solution. By looking up the patient in the POS, the will-call solution lights up the appropriate prescription bag making it easy for pharmacy staff to find and dispense the medication. 

Of course – there's always questions when exploring an exciting new product. We’ve compiled the most common questions we’ve received and answered them below.  


I've used a Lighted Bag system before. I had to use 3 different systems to search for the patient, find the bags, and complete the sale. How is this any different? 

The biggest difference is integration. The Point of Sale becomes a "one stop shop" for what typically requires multiple vendors. With one quick patient search, you'll know immediately where the prescriptions are located, and you can ring them up easily--and most importantly, safely. 


My staff hates doing Return to Stock. Because of this, we only do our RTS once a week, or even longer--and we frequently run out of popular medications. How can Lighted Bags help? 

The Emporos Lighted Bag solution allows you to easily search for prescriptions based on date of fill and/or medication name. Searching for prescriptions older than 3 days, 5 days, a week? The bags will light up for easy location. Maybe you're out of a certain medication on your shelf, but you know there are some older prescriptions for that medication that can be pulled off the rack. Do a quick search for that medication, and those bags will light up. Now you can return the medications to stock and fill the prescription for the patient who's waiting. 


I have a small pharmacy footprint. Will this take up a lot of space? 

The infrastructure needs are very minimal for the Emporos Lighted Bag solution. While other systems have specific hanging rack hardware, separate servers are required, and they are made for a one-size-fits-most environment. The Emporos Lighted Bag system is very scalable--up or down--with a minimal hardware footprint. You can use your own hanging racks at whatever size fits your pharmacy. Plus, our solution is cloud-hosted, so there’s no need for additional server hardware 


Lighted Bags sound pretty expensive. How much is this going to cost me? 

Our Lighted Bag solution has a very low (cost) barrier to entry. Reach out to us here, and we'll be happy to review your needs. 


Have additional questions about Lighted Bags? Give us a shout at and we’ll follow up with the information you need.  


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