Emporos At Your Side: Press Release


The Pharmacy Industry's Best Mobile Delivery Application

Emporos is At Your Side

Charlotte, NC: Emporos Systems Corporation recently announced the release of Emporos At Your Side, a pharmacy mobile delivery system.

 At Your Side operates as an additional POS fully integrated with your PMS system, offering a new way for patients to immediately get their prescriptions at bedside, curbside, drive thru, on the floor of the pharmacy, or in line. The goal of the app is to reduce the risk of non-fulfillment, and lower readmission rates while ultimately striving to improve patient care. 

"The Emporos At Your Side mobile app is a stride toward the modernization of healthcare services.  This solution alone offers insight, increased security, and freedom in an ever-changing pharmacy ecosystem.  With the sole purpose of bettering patient care, we are able provide signature capture, counseling, and compliance all while lowering both non-fulfillment and readmission rates with our mobile delivery application." says Eric Kristensen, CEO at Emporos Systems Corporation. 


Features and benefits of At Your Side 1.0 include.

  • Bedside and curbside delivery
  • Serves as additional POS with ability to take payment, capture signature and record compliance questions
  • Fully integrates into your PMS
  • Multiple payment tenders at device
  • Line buster

At Your Side 1.0 is available for immediate use. For more information on At Your Side, click here.


About Emporos: The Emporos solution is an intuitive product designed to grow with you, meeting the needs of the entire pharmacy ecosystem!  Emporos makes the process of dispensing patient medications, collecting payment, capturing signature, and staying compliant as simple as possible.


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