Case Study: Solving a 'Long Distance' Script Pick-Up Challenge

University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) had a unique challenge to overcome. The hospital wanted to provide a script delivery service to their employees. This included a way to use the POS to take up-front payment for the script without using a payroll deduction method, deliver the script to the employee and capture the employee’s signature for reporting requirements. Doesn’t sound so unique? Let’s add the twist that their employees are spread in various locations, more than 70 miles away from the script fill location.

Knowing the flexibility of the MerchantSoft product, and the desire of the Emporos team to accept a challenge, Andrew Davis, Associate Director, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy contacted Emporos. CEO Greg Phillips was eager to meet this challenge and provide a solution. Phillips shared, “We were on the verge of releasing a new mobile app called Drive Through Signature. The Drive Through Signature app was originally developed for pharmacies that needed a better way to capture electronic signatures at the drive through window.”

The Drive Through Signature app runs on an Apple iPod outfitted with an onboard scanner. The script is filled and scanned at POS. Payment is taken using a Credit Card On File option or charging to a house account. When the customer rolls up to the pick-up window, the clerk scans the transaction barcode with the iPod. The transaction displays and prompts for a signature. The iPod is passed to the customer to sign. Once the signature is captured the transaction is closed. The electronic signature is now available for reporting.

“I thought this same functionality could be extended to meet Colorado’s needs,” said Phillips. If the backbone network was available at the pick-up locations, Phillips realized he could just extend the Drive Through idea to the remote pick-up sites.

Here’s how it works at UCH. Scripts are filled at a central location using MerchantSoft POS and the Credit Card on File feature. Using a stored token, scripts are processed against the employee’s credit card. Scripts are then couriered to two north hospital in-patient pharmacies where more than 7,000 employees work. When employees request the script, they are told to expect the script to arrive in two days.

Each remote location has an iPod with the Drive Through Signature app configured on the hospital’s backbone. With network access, each device has the ability to retrieve POS transactional information. When an employee picks up a script at the in-patient pharmacy window, the pharmacy tech scans the transaction receipt barcode using the iPod. The transaction is retrieved and prompts for the employee’s signature. After the employee signs the iPod, the closed transaction transmits through the secured hospital network. The electronic signature is then available for reporting of delivery status as well as adjudication.

UCH tracks how long a script has been waiting for pick-up using a special report. Scripts left over 7 days are returned to the central facility and are mailed to employees.

“The software is working very well. The setup was quite simple and the technology works reliably,” shared Davis. “This solution allowed us to get scripts delivered to our employees 70 miles away from our center without having to build retail pharmacies. It’s a great alternative to mail order.”

Pairing these MerchantSoft offerings – Credit Card on File and the Drive Through Signature app – made a customer happy while providing an end-to-end solution to meet a unique challenge. Wonder what MerchantSoft can do for you?


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