Chief Operating Officer Frank Piet Named

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – Emporos Systems recently named Frank Piet as Chief Operating Officer. “Frank has the ability to initiate change and manage processes. We look to him to improve the quality of the customer’s service and support experience, improve our partners’ revenue potential, and manage our product delivery,” said President and CEO Greg Phillips. “As COO, Frank’s finance and management background will help sustain Emporos’ position for future growth.”

Piet also serves as CEO for Technesis Technology Solutions, a managed services and business telephony solutions to small businesses in the Columbia, SC area. He brings 20 years of diverse experience in executive leadership, financial management, organizational development, and customer and vendor relationship management to Emporos.

About Emporos Systems Corporation

Emporos Systems Corporation, a Charlotte, NC based company, is the leading designer, developer and provider of MerchantSoft, a made in the USA, point of sale solution dedicated exclusively to retail pharmacies. MerchantSoft™ addresses the unique needs of pharmacies by verifying prescriptions, providing state-of-the-art checkout, and maintaining compliancy with state and federal regulations.



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