Emporos Enhances its Popular MerchantSoft POS System with the Use of the Latest Technologies

Emporos Systems Corporation, a leader in the retail pharmacy point-of-sale industry, has enhanced its state of the art MerchantSoft POS System. New features reinforce the company’s focus on simplifying retail by making script delivery easier, more efficient and faster. An improved screen design using overlapping windows, tables, and tabs maximizes the touchscreen real estate. Leveraging the latest technologies, MerchantSoft POS promotes a better shopping experience for the customer by reducing the number of ‘touches’ needed to accomplish tasks while providing up to the second information on patient and script status. These and other enhancements continue to address the complex HIPAA privacy and PCI security issues facing healthcare today.

Greg Phillips, Emporos CEO shared, “We’re really excited about all the technological advances that have been incorporated into MerchantSoft. We’ve introduced a new interactive customer display and a new interface for card processing that takes payment processing completely out of scope for improved security. Our interface with PayLink allows for direct, secure access to the payment process. It relieves the handling of the cardholder’s sensitive data as it’s encrypted on the device and then sent directly to the payment processor where it is decrypted. The POS System is then issued a token to be used for payments of future script orders.”

According to Development Manager, Jeremy Long, site and POS settings are now managed at the enterprise level allowing for easier and faster deployments. “There is improved data flow performance using web services architecture,” said Long. “Customer authentication is made at the Point of Sale and sent directly to the Enterprise server.”

For more information, contact Emporos Sales at 704.940.1883 or visit www.emporos.net.


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