Emporos Provides POS Integration with First Epic Hosted Solution

Emporos Systems successfully integrated its MerchantSoft Point of Sale system at a Washington health system, using the first Epic-Hosted (web-enabled) Pharmacy Management solution (PMS). While many health systems choose to install the Pharmacy Management software locally, this customer opted for a remote Epic-Hosted solution. The integration between MerchantSoft and Epic necessitated an authentication feature to ensure secure connectivity to the remote PMS server. MerchantSoft supports both Epic’s WebServices2012 and WebServices2015.

Frank Piet, President of Emporos Systems noted, “The ability to support the secure exchange of data with Epic Willow Ambulatory in a hosted environment is an important milestone for Emporos Systems.  This opens the door to world class outpatient pharmacy solutions to all hospitals, irrespective of their ability or desire to house IT solutions inside of their infrastructure.”  Piet continued, “This project was successful due to the professionalism of the hospital team, the wonderful Implementation team from Emporos, as well as our continued and ongoing interaction with the folks at Epic.”

Through collaboration with Epic that dates back to 2010 with the beta launch of Willow Ambulatory (WAM), Emporos continues to provide real-time service and safety for our customers and their patients.


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