MerchantSoft and RepeatRewards Bring Loyalty to Pharmacies

MARCH 28, 2014, Charlotte, NC – Emporos Systems Corporation, developers of MerchantSoft POS announce integration with Repeat Rewards, a loyalty program developed by Pro/Phase Marketing. The Repeat Rewards program provides pharmacies with a complete loyalty and marketing program to compete with chains and large pharmacies.

The integration of RepeatRewards with Emporos Systems’ MerchantSoft POS system brings the combined power of a well-designed retail pharmacy system to the forefront of seamless marketing. Combining these market leading products will help pharmacies retain customers and increase sales by encouraging repeat visits through a professional loyalty marketing program.

“Emporos is pleased to provide seamless integration for loyalty programs in our MerchantSoft Point of Sale product. For our pharmacy customers, RepeatRewards provides an opportunity to enhance the shopping experience for the customer while increasing revenue.” - Greg Phillips, Pres/CEO Emporos Systems


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