Emporos Named Top 10 Retail Point of Sale (POS) Solution Provider

Charlotte, NC – August 21, 2023 – Emporos Corporation, the industry’s leading Pharmacy Commerce System, including Point of Sale, has been named a 2023 Top 10 Retail Point of Sale Solution Provider by Global Retail Outlook Magazine, an international news outlet that educates and supports retail businesses, covering trending topics in technology, e-commerce, payments, mobile, and marketing to help retail businesses discover novel ideas and solutions that will improve their organization. 

You can view the full Top 10 list here.  

Emporos wins Top 10 Retail POS Solution Provider awardRecognized for revolutionizing pharmacy commerce, Emporos is the only provider to be awarded this honor in the pharmacy industry. This exclusive feature in Global Retail Outlook Magazine has been bestowed upon Emporos because of the advancements they are bringing to outpatient pharmacies.  

Recently, the company unveiled an integrated light-guided automated will call solution, a new and improved mobile bedside delivery product, and a merchant service offering. All of these solutions enable pharmacies to create a better experience among pharmacy staff and patients, while also remaining cost-effective with a clear return on investment. Plus, with a fully integrated point of sale, pharmacies can streamline the number of vendors that they work with to provide an excellent experience at a price they can afford. 

“Our mission is to make healthcare commerce safe and simple. This mission drives us to create solutions that extend beyond the four walls of the pharmacy storefront, adding value to the pharmacy by being wherever your patients need you to be – in store, at bedside, online, at home, curbside, and more,” said Eric Kristensen, CEO at Emporos. “In addition to improving their experiences, Emporos has also reduced hospital readmission rates, increased fill rates and patient reach, boosted collections, improved pharmacy staff productivity while increasing patient safety and satisfaction through streamlined processes, removed any manual or cumbersome compliance burdens, and saved pharmacies thousands of dollars, with the highest levels of technical security available.”   

With a vision to transform pharmacy commerce, Emporos is leading the transition to digital payments in the pharmacy market. By breaking down barriers and serving healthcare providers of all types – enterprise, independent, outpatient, chain, specialty, mail order, and long-term care – Emporos is the preferred pharmacy commerce and POS provider among pharmacies. 

To speak with a member of the Emporos team, reach out to hello@emporos.net