A Pharmacy Commerce Solution without Limitations

Our pharmacy point of sale mobile solution enables you to conduct pharmacy commerce at bedside, curbside, drive thru, or for line busting to enable faster delivery and service

Improve first fill rates and decrease readmissions

Deliver medication and OTC items to a discharged patient immediately

Increase speed and decrease risk

Maximize consultation time with the patient to adhere to regulatory requirements and increase collections

Deliver a seamless experience

Integrate with the Emporos POS and your PMS for a painless patient check-out

Pharmacy Commerce: Beyond Brick and Mortar


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  • If I have an iPad or Windows tablet can I use that Hilo Mobile, or would I need new hardware?

    If you’re using an iPad Mini, iPad Air, or a Windows tablet over 10” then you should be able to use that hardware. We’d recommend (though not required) that the device has a back camera for scanning barcodes and IDs. Also, having mobile data in addition to Wi-Fi will ensure you always have a great connection when running Hilo.

  • Are payment types I use at POS able to be used with Hilo Mobile?

    Yes! In fact, there are even some additional payment methods, such as text-to-pay and email-to-pay, which are available exclusively on the Hilo platform.

  • Is there a minimum version of software I need to be running to use Hilo Mobile ?

    Yes. Feel free to contact your Emporos Account Manager to make sure you’re running the correct version, or to schedule an upgrade to the latest version.

  • Do I need to be a cloud customer to utilize Hilo Mobile?

    Yes. Hilo is only offered to our cloud hosted customers.

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