Efficient transactions for patient care with Emporos Mobile Applications.

Easily manage delivery and accept payment for prescriptions and over the counter items at bedside or at a patient's home.

Emporos Mobile Delivery Feature

Reduce hospital readmissions, pharmacy traffic at check out and wait times with mobile delivery. The Emporos Mobile applications are designed to be cross-platform to work with a variety of iOS/Apple and Windows devices on a secure, trusted WIFI network or via your 4G data network.


Supports Point to Point Encryption (P2Pe) to protect cardholder data

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Lightweight solutions reduce costs with no need for additional hardware

Mobile Camera Icon

Integrated camera for scanning 2D and 3D barcodes. Give the option to email receipt or not give any receipt at all


Payment devices available for all of our credit card gateway partners and supports FSA, Debit, and Credit

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Electronic Signature Capture for compliance and payment transactions


Integrated with Emporos Enterprise for reporting, device management, systems settings

Emporos at Your Side

Mobile Bedside Delivery

With Emporos At Your Side™, delivering prescriptions and modifying transactions at a patient's bedside is more than a possibility–it’s a reality. Learn more about the features of our Emporos At Your Side.

Learn more about our At Your Side service

By being able to tell customers they have other prescriptions ready for pick up they may have forgotten, makes us look like geniuses and saves time all around.
Brad Mills, Owner of Jeff's Prescription Shop

Brad Mills, Owner

Jeff's Prescription Shop

During anxiety raising situations, we know that we can count on Emporos to get us through and the confidence we have in your service level helps to put our minds at ease and keep day to day business running smoothly.

Laura Powers, Owner

Powers Pharmacy of Loris

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