Integration with EPIC Willow Ambulatory

The Emporos POS system helps Pharmacies take advantage of the real time integration that comes from the Epic electronic medical records and the Willow Ambulatory Pharmacy.

Emporos Interface Features for Epic

Emporos and Epic designed the first interface for Emporos POS for the beta launch of Willow Ambulatory (WAM) in 2010. Since then, we’ve continued to enhance our real-time integration to provide the best service and safety for your customers.

No Scripts Left Behind Icon

No Scripts Left Behind

After making a call to Epic, Emporos displays the workflow status of all prescriptions. This allows the technician to communicate to the customer which scripts are ‘Ready’ and if others are ‘Pending’ and will be ready soon.

Counseling Enforcement Icon

Counseling Enforcement

Some states, like Texas, require counseling on first time prescriptions. When Emporos receives the counseling flag from Epic, Point of Sale prompts for the Pharmacist to login and provide counseling. Emporos sends the Pharmacist’s name back to Epic for audit and reporting purposes.


Charge Correct Co-Pay

To accommodate the lag in insurance adjudication, Emporos alerts the technician when the co-pay amount in the printed barcode label differs from the Epic database.

Proof of ID for Controlled Substance Icon

Proof of ID for Controlled Substance

When Emporos receives the controlled substance flag from Epic, Point of Sale prompts for required Proof of Identification.

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